A Message from the Director

A Message from the Director

Since the opening in April 2004, as the first-ever specialized institute on trauma and PTSD in Japan, the Hyogo Institute for Traumatic Stress (HITS) is a multi-functioned facility which has conducted researches, and provided training; consultation and treatment; and information on trauma

The HITS has dispatched staff to disaster stricken areas both international and domestic including Banda Ache, Sumatra.

Present age, after disasters, crimes, accidents, abuses and other trauma-inducing incidents, mental health care i.e. ‘kokoro no care’, has become highly demanded. In this trend of times, I believe that expectations from the society on the HITS are also getting higher, too.

It is my intention to carry forward efforts to run the HITS to live up to your expectation. We would appreciate your support and understanding.

Hyogo Institute for Traumatic StressDirector:Hiroshi KATO

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